Golf Fitness

We’re experts at training males and females of all ages to reach their maximum potential as a golfer. Take your game to the next level with a staff who has over 25 years of combined experience in the field of golf fitness with TPI certified experts.

Personal Training

No compromises. We will provide you with the most individual personal fitness solutions. We assist you in defining your goals, developing your workouts and managing your dieting and meal plans. No cookie cutter workout plans here.

Sports Performance

It’s obvious that training for a marathon at 43 is a very different science then training a high school athlete to compete on a state championship football team. But how do you structure your workouts for each of those cases? The Fitness Garage has the answers.

Our Capabilities, A Summary

One-on-One Personal Training

Group Personal Training

Group Classes


Nutritional Counseling

ACSM Re-Evaluations & Goal Tracking

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Assessment

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Training

Group Golf Fitness Assessments

Golf Fitness Handicap

Long Drive Competition

Supplement Guidance

Youth Sports Performance

High School Sports Performance

Collegiate Sports Performance

Amateur Competitive Training

Professional Athletic Training

The Players

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White
  • Annabelle Pancake
    Annabelle Pancake
  • Becky Williams
    Becky Williams
  • Ben Bergan
    Ben Bergan
  • Ben Engle
    Ben Engle
  • Brad Fellers
    Brad Fellers
  • Carli Nance
    Carli Nance
  • Clay Stirsman
    Clay Stirsman
  • Cole Harris
    Cole Harris
  • Erica Shepherd
    Erica Shepherd
  • Erin Evans
    Erin Evans
  • Haylin Harris
    Haylin Harris
  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown
  • Jeff Doty
    Jeff Doty
  • Jocelyn Bruch
    Jocelyn Bruch
  • John DalCorobbo
    John DalCorobbo
  • Jon Stutz
    Jon Stutz
  • Konnor Kimmel
    Konnor Kimmel
  • Lauren Kaltenmark
    Lauren Kaltenmark
  • Lucy Young
    Lucy Young
  • Luke Prall
    Luke Prall
  • Mark Nance
    Mark Nance
  • Michael Davan
    Michael Davan
  • Mike Asbell
    Mike Asbell
  • Mike O'Toole
    Mike O'Toole
  • Mike Young
    Mike Young
  • Nels Surtani
    Nels Surtani
  • Nic Hofman
    Nic Hofman
  • Sean Bolduc
    Sean Bolduc
  • Sloane Winders
    Sloane Winders
  • Ty Gingerich
    Ty Gingerich
  • Zach Treash
    Zach Treash

Featured Players

Annabelle Pancake


Carli Nance

Chicago State

Clay Stirsman

Wake Forest

Cole Harris


Erica Shepherd

Duke University

Jeff Doty

University of Kansas

Jocelyn Bruch

Purdue University

Nels Surtani


Nic Hofman


Ty Gingerich


Client Testimonials

This is what our clients are saying about their experiences. Whatever your personal training goal, The Fitness Garage is equipped to provide a higher level of service and guaranteed results unlike most other fitness establishments. Select a video below to hear success stories.

The Crew

The Fitness Garage is a family of extremely talented and motivated personal training specialists. Click our big mugs and you'll learn a little more about the people who make up The Garage.







The Garage

Located in Carmel, IN , our spacious garage is located conveniently off of 3rd Avenue SW and Gradle Drive just south of the Paladium. As part of a co-working collective, we have the opportunity to interact with other businesses on a daily basis. The view from our garage door is pretty amazing too. Our daily operations consist of grilling breakfast and lunch, rocking out to our music of choice and training our awesome clients to achieve their fitness goals.

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