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September 16th!


As of September 16, there will be 5 opportunities throughout the week to squeeze in a additional workout.  Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. will be Kickboxing.  Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. is FG Fit.  Saturday mornings of course, is our ever popular bootcamp and breakfast From 8:00-9:00 a.m.   Please feel free to join us for any of these workouts!  FG Fit and our Saturday morning boot camp are currently going, kickboxing starts on September 16.

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FG goes NINJA!!!!!!


Stay tuned for updates on some exciting new things going on at Fitness Garage!!!!

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Why oh why???? It’s time to tee it HIGH and let it FLY!!!


I am constantly amazed by how many golfers are trying to hit the driver like the professionals we see on TV.  I can’t understand it.  Whether getting a driver fitted or taking lessons.  I’m stumped.  The PGA professionals average swing speed is around 112 mph while the Champions tour average is actually not too far off.  They have the ability to swing faster and they also have the ability to put the brakes on the ball where they need it so they stay in the fairway and set themselves up for their next shot.  Almost all Tour Players hit down on the ball with the driver, like they do with their irons.  This is all done intentionally for control.  Due to the high swing speeds, even when they hit down on the golfball, the ball will travel great distances compared to average players.  If your swing speed is below 105, and trust me, for 90% of the playing population over 35, it is, you really have no right to hit down on the ball (negative attack angle) if you are not hitting the ball the distance you are wanting to.  TRUST ME!  Launch angles, Attack angles, ball speeds, and club speed is taken into consideration when improving distance.  Negative attack angle is robbing you of distance and do not let anyone tell you other wise.  We tee the ball up for a reason… To get under it and swing up on it!!!

Stay tuned for more information on how to improve your distances.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


It’s that time again…


With the colder weather upon us, we are all looking to start getting in-shape for the next season and also fight off the extra pounds that the holidays and winter will bring.  Along with the many group training sessions, one-on-one workouts and bootcamps currently available at the Fitness Garage, there are many ways to help do this.  For you golfers out there, losing some weight, becoming more technically sound with your swings and hitting the ball farther is a concern.  The Fitness Garage will have the answer for you starting Friday mornings.  We will be offering a 1 hour Golf Specific Bootcamp that will target all of your golf and fitness needs.  Stay posted for more details about the start of our NEW GOLF Bootcamp  and our daily tips for burning calories and improving your golf swing through fitness!!!!


Pushing Weight!



Hey everyone! We are busy training clients today – feel free to drop in and join us.


Fitness Garage – Ready to make a Splash!


Hey there, and welcome to our humble abode on the interwebs. We’re glad you’ve decided to take a look at our shiny, new website. With our new site launch I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce The Fitness Garage, and tell you a bit about who we are and how we got here.


The Fitness Garage currently consists of Mike Christman, Steven Pry, Piper Wainman, and Kevin Kuhn. The four of us, along with our awesome group of clients, make up the The Fitness Garage.

We are a team of fitness experts with very different strengths and focuses. Our goal is to provide a different approach to traditional fitness models. At The Fitness Garage our goal is to be true professionals. We focus on doing much more than helping a person get from A to B with their goals.  Encapsulated in our “We Don’t Sell Sit-Ups” motto is our promise to not only keep a person’s mindset in the right direction with fitness but also focus on the underlying issues and reasons for why they are there.  By underlying, we mean, self-confidence, self-esteem, inspiration, motivation, and fun.  Too often people forget that helping someone improve in fitness is also the gateway to a better sense of being and overall attitude.  By focusing on the underlying points, we have a much better sense of connection and when we connect, true progress can be made.  We don’t sell sit-ups.

Take a look at our individual profiles for more information about each of us.


In August 2011 we started the process of developing our brand presence in order to become a leader in the fitness industry. We chose to work with Krispypixel to provide a solution to increase our web presence, and represent what we are about.  The first step to better represent what our goals were for the company was capturing the Fitness Garage “personality” through excellent photography, stunning design, and make our mark by being “different” than other fitness shops. Working closely with Krispypixel, we were able to organize video production, photography, and web design & development services to meet our goals.


Be sure, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or just bookmark our blog. We’ll be sure to get the word out about our awesome workouts and news!

Thanks for reading!