Michael Christman

Founder & Personal Trainer

Golf Fitness, Personal Training, Sports Performance, Clubhead speed improvement, Core strength
“We don’t sell sit-ups.” This is a motto I created quite a few years ago when I realized that the true professional, caring fitness professionals do much more than help a person get from point A to point B with their goals. Fitness is all about the details and understanding that each person, like golf swings are different. We can all live healthy lives and have great swings, just need to figure out which approach is best.
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In 2006 I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Exercise Science Kinesiology. From 2007-09, I completed all three levels of the TPI Golf Fitness Instructor certifications. During this time I was the Fitness Director at Golf Solutions. In April 2010, I decided to start my own business - The Fitness Garage. As a Golf Performance Coach, I have the knowledge to understand how strength and speed improvements occur and how to improve performance. Along with my education and the tens of thousands of hours of experience I have in Golf Performance, I’ve had the opportunity to work with golfers of all levels, including Senior PGA, PGA, LPGA, Web Tour, PGA Latino Americano, collegiate, high School and middle school.